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How do I get a list of contacts?
- Start with your business address book. We can also add a "sign up to our newsletter form" to your website that automatically updates your list.

How can I grow my list?

- Bribery is always a good tactic! Offering genuinely useful information, a free gift, or prize helps encourage people to sign-up and forward your emails.

Can I buy email marketing lists?

- Yes, although unethical, and such lists can contain addresses of people who haven't "opted in" (given you their permission to contact them). So we strongly recommend you don’t, we have several marketing strategies and tips that we can share with you if you need any help.

How many contacts do I need?

- It's a numbers game. The more contacts you have, the more people will read and respond to your messages. There is no limit to the size of your list.

How do I target my messages?

By dividing your initial list into smaller categories, you can send a more specific message to specific people. We can help you do this.

Can I get in to trouble for spam?

- Our software automatically appends the required legal information. Provided your list only contains opt-in contacts, you needn't worry.

How do people unsubscribe?
- Our email marketing software automatically adds an unsubscribe link to each email. When clicked, this allows removal from either one list or all lists.

How do I design my emails?
- With every new account our team of Graphic Designers will create a FREE template for you which will match your company’s website and branding, all you will need to do is add the text/images each time you send out. If you require more branded templates then just let us know and these start from just £40.00+vat. There are also four standard/unbranded templates in your account which you are free to use

Do I need to know HTML?

- No, you can do as much or as little as you like. Advanced users have full control, while novices benefit from our free email marketing service.

What CTR (click through rate) and read rate should I aim for?
-The average permission based CTR is around 7%, with a read rate of around 30% however data quality, message quality and other variables will affect this.

How can I improve my email campaign stats?

- Every case is different. Our support line is open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, so if you need any tips or help, just give us a call - it's what we're here for!

How effective is email marketing?

- This is affected by the list quality, and the quality of your message. If you have 1000 contacts and 7% click through rate, that's 70 hits to your site or 70 sales, instantly.

What about blacklists?

- We closely monitor our users and vet them to avoid our systems being abused. Our servers are whitelisted and we schedule regular blacklist checks.

Are there any words that trigger spam filters?

- Aside from the obvious, using dollar or pound signs, lots of capitals, even the word "FREE". Contact us if you are unsure.

How do I write a good subject line?

- Avoid any of the above words. Make it relevant; use your name, the date, the season, current affairs and special offers to entice recipients.

Is there a best time to send Business emails?

- For business customers, around midday on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are statistically the best times.

Is there a best time to send Domestic/Consumer emails?

- For domestic customers, it's down to the individual. By categorising and scheduling your lists to preferred delivery times, you can increase your read rate. Split testing may be an option here.

How can I be sure the message will display properly?

- Each email client works slightly differently. You can send a test message to the popular email clients, and sign-up accounts with the main email providers. Please note no email marketing is 100% accurate.


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